Meet the owners

Thank you for checking out Flex Meal Prep. My name is Don and my wife is Tera. Tera has been in the food industry for 20 + years and knows what it takes to prepare delicious food. She first started with cooking comfort food and of course over time I started gaining weight and was on the verge of developing metabolic diseases. I knew we had to make a change. This is when we decided to cook healthier meals for our family. My weight started dropping, my energy levels increased and I moved into the heathy zone on the metabolic chart. We then took it to the next level and started meal prepping. This was a game changer. Once we started meal prepping it was easy to eat healthy food, especially at work. I would take my meal prep to work every day and while my colleagues were going to fast food for lunch, I already had my lunch ready to go. I re heated my meal for 2 minutes in the microwave saving time and money from going to fast food or overpriced restaurants.
My friends and family started noticing my weight loss and asked how I was doing it. I told them Tera was meal prepping for me. They were not familiar with meal prepping so I explained to them meal prep is precooked, portioned controlled meals that store in the refrigerator until you are ready to eat. They thought it was a good idea and asked if Tera would meal prep for them as well. This was the beginning of Flex Meal Prep as we are now meal prepping for clients across several counties.